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boca chica tours

 $150 / $180  9am-3pm

Island tours

You can choose to visit one island for the day, either Bolaños, Gamez or Paridas.

Bolaños, Gamez or Paridas

Boat trip - Swimming & Snorkelling


 $ask 7am-4pm

Fishing Trips

Don’t miss out on your chance to experience the best inshore sport fishing in Panama.

Gulf of Chiriqui,

Fishing trip


 $150 / $180  9am-3pm

Whale Watching & Beach tour

Between Jul & Oct, we receive the first humpback whales of the migratory season.

Gulf of Chiriquí

Humpback Whale Watching


 $180  9am-3pm

Dolphin Watching & Beach tour

You can enjoy dolphin watching all year around, after watching dolphins we visit the islands of Gamez & Paridas

Gamez & Paridas islands

Dolphin Watching


 $250  8am-2pm

Secas Island tour

Las Islas Secas refers to the name of a small uninhabited volcanic archipelago in the Gulf of Chiriquí on the Pacific Ocean coast of Panama

Las Islas Secas

Island Tour - Swimming & Snorkelling


 $ask  min 3 Hrs

Bird watching in the mangrove/islands

Mangroves are ecosystems species of woody forests that develop in lagoons, riverbanks & tropical coast

Mangroves / Islands

Bird watching


 $100  1.5 Hrs

Sunset Watching

Enjoy a wonderful sunset accompanied by a dolphin sighting, in the western peninsula of Boca Brava Island.

Boca Brava Island.

Sunset watching